Game 65 – Braves 5 Cubs 10

Rough start for Lilly

But he settles down – 8 Ks

Soto homers – NICE!



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4 responses to “Game 65 – Braves 5 Cubs 10

  1. kellymac

    Geovanny, hey!
    Intentional walk this, bitch!

  2. DB

    Preface: In honor of Geovany’s home run. Also, be warned, I passed this website on to a Cubs community and now…now you might be inundated with our slaphappiness. *looks at kellymac’s entry, laughs*

    I call you G-Spot
    hit the right spot all the time
    rookie of the year?

  3. Ed

    Thanks for that, DB
    Slaphappiness is welcome
    Here at Cubs Haiku

  4. DB

    kamikaze man
    tracks down balls in center field
    Reed pwns highlight reel

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