Remember The Comments!

Do you read comments?

You should – just click on the links

Clever readers here.



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3 responses to “Remember The Comments!

  1. The 1st Daughter of Cubs Haiku

    I read the comments.
    So many haikus to love.
    Your readers are great!

    By the way readers –
    I am the bloggers daughter –
    First born and favorite 😉

  2. The REAL Favorite Daughter

    So proud of my dad
    Haikus for all the great fans
    I read them each day

    Dad raised me the best
    I am a Die Hard Cubs fan
    That’s why I’M the fav!

  3. Daughter in the Middle

    Saved the best for last!
    Middle child loves dad’s haikus
    He is so clever 🙂

    He’s a lifelong fan
    A trait passed to his daughters
    We are so lucky!

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