Big Series in Milwaukee

Brewers fall back one

Cubs have four chances this week

To increase the lead



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3 responses to “Big Series in Milwaukee

  1. Sixth the key inning:
    Whoever gets a good start
    Wins the sausage race

    Go Brewers!

  2. Steve

    Milwaukee better
    enjoy their brief stay in first,
    Wild Card more likely.

    I’d have no use for
    The entire state up North
    If not for the beer.

    It’s filled with a bunch
    of bass-fishin’, cheese makin’,
    Favre-kissin’ morons!

    But during the race,
    There will be no better pick –
    Go Polish Sausage!

  3. Tired cliches hang
    Like Jason Marquis’ curveball.
    Bartman curses goats.

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