The Haiku Wars Begin

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Dustin of Brew Crew Haiku

The battle begins


Cubbie fans – step up

We can beat the Brew Crew bunch

On the field and off



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6 responses to “The Haiku Wars Begin

  1. Cubs swim like a brick
    Atop the NL central
    So sorry-on-oh

    Cubs take bath-i-a
    A Harden rain’s gonna fall
    Three sheets to the wind

  2. Marlin Block

    For Cubs and Brewers
    A showdown at Miller Park
    Like the Bears, Cubs suck.

  3. Hawk044

    You write haiku like
    Milwaukee plays the Cubbies
    At least there’s Favre…oops.

    So have an Old Style
    To swallow this loss. It can’t
    Be worse than Miller

  4. Steve

    Mighty Cubs win one
    Most fun game in a long time
    Dust off the Blue brooms?

    Enjoy this line up:
    Zambrano, Harden, Dempster.
    Enjoy your deer fun!

  5. Week(s) effort for sure
    But Fielder shows some life:
    Royalty on tap

    No July worries-
    We can always bank on
    A Cubbie collapse

  6. Marlin

    Cubs win the first two
    Brewer fans are feeling blue
    Time for sweet revenge

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