Game 107 – Cubs 7 Brewers 1

Holy Sheets Cubbies!

So much for Brew Crew Aces

The lead grows to three




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5 responses to “Game 107 – Cubs 7 Brewers 1

  1. You scored first and more
    But we scored the game’s last run-
    Momentum, baby!

  2. Cubs_Fan_34

    Two aces have pitched,

    Brewers are down oh and two.

    Just too much good stuff!

  3. Taryn

    Like AM PM
    The Cubs have too much good stuff
    Brew Crew down the drain

  4. “Keep the line rolling!”
    Bob Brenly has it so right
    Let’s roll through Game 3!

    Ben Sheets in the sixth
    No location or control
    Yost strands his pitcher

    We should also thank
    The great Milwaukee outfield
    PLEASE keep Braun in left!

    Dempster should be set
    Let’s get him to three and oh
    Against the Brewers

  5. Cubs_Fan_34

    Good ol’ poker term
    Applies to the Brewers now.
    Their two aces cracked.

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