Game 108 – Cubs 7 Brewers 2

Cubs win their fourth straight

Do you know what they call that?

Momentum, baby!




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6 responses to “Game 108 – Cubs 7 Brewers 2

  1. Steve

    The Cubs romp again.
    Feeling bad for the Brew Crew,
    Hate them less than Cards.

  2. Cubs_Fan_34

    Dempster mowes ’em down!
    Brewers flailing and falling…
    Dare we bring out brooms?

  3. Taryn

    Cubbies strike again
    So much for your momentum
    Brew Crew four games back!!

  4. No argument here:
    Pummeled, hammered, overmatched.
    Try to salvage one

  5. Cubs_Fan_34

    Cheer up, Brewers’ fans!
    Your team is on the right path.
    And you’re not the Cards!

  6. Cubs_Fan_34

    What happened, Brewers?
    So much for sweeping the Cards.
    Good luck with Harden.

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