Game 126 – Reds 2 Cubs 1

Tough loss for Lilly

No hitter into the sixth

Cubs score just one run




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3 responses to “Game 126 – Reds 2 Cubs 1

  1. I’m bummed for Lilly
    He did about all you’d ask
    Yet the bats were mute

    Where is the power?
    Where’s the sense of urgency?
    No killer instinct

    Someone remind me
    What month was Lee’s last homer?
    I’m just fidgety

    You can’t win them all
    But we should have won last night
    Blame not DeRosa

    For the love of God
    Will someone please get Bronson
    A decent stylist?

  2. Steve

    Hey Hawko44,
    You are a haiku machine.
    Five stanzas of fun.

  3. Thank you a ton, Steve
    They are so much fun to write
    Really makes you think

    The words we must choose
    The less adjectives we use
    That is a challenge

    But I’m no genius
    Because I don’t understand
    That game “Soduko”

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