Game 127 – Reds 2 Cubs 3

Zambrano’s home run

Was the difference in this game

Wood’s twenty-sixth save




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3 responses to “Game 127 – Reds 2 Cubs 3

  1. Big Z was without
    His best stuff defensively
    But he still hit great

    Need to check rule book
    Can DeRosa play for Cubs
    And still own the Reds?

  2. Michael Rosenblum

    Z’s guts, grit and bat
    Lead to complete series win
    Dusty leaves town sad.

    Can you believe it?
    Cubs have baseball’s best record!
    Now finish the job!!

    Think what we could be.
    Imagine pitching , hitting
    All working at once.

    Do we ask too much?
    This team is already great!
    We want so much more!!

    Be not satisfied,
    Till W flag flies for
    World Series winners!

    That will answer dreams
    Of Cubs fans long aching hearts,
    The world will be ours.

    Asked, “Is this Heaven?”
    We gaze at scoreboard and say,
    “Yes it is…………..IT IS!!”

  3. Michael Rosenblum

    Place where dreams come true,
    Wrigley, is our “Field of Dreams.”
    The Cubs time is NOW!!

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