Game 132 – Cubs 14 Pirates 9

Seven RBIs

Soto shows why he should be

Rookie of the Year




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3 responses to “Game 132 – Cubs 14 Pirates 9

  1. Grandpa used to say
    “Use both hands to secure ball,”
    Soriano PLEASE!

    Somehow, Gramps never
    Mentioned anything about
    “Hopping” to catch it

    Give me Liberty
    Or give me Death, just give me
    Fundamentals man

    That game was ugly
    Three errors and they still win?
    Touched by the devine?

    Not one to get all
    Spiritual on you all
    It’s getting weird here

    Tough to explain why
    When we DESERVE to lose games
    We still get the win

    Whomever it be
    Choose your own divinity
    I know it’s Harry

  2. Ed

    It’s Geovany
    Divinity of the day
    Who saved the Cubbies

  3. Michael Rosenblum

    Z makes me worry
    Tired arm or a bad shoulder
    A bad pitching month.

    Winning is easy
    When you score crooked numbers
    Easily as Cubs.

    Seven and eight spots
    Hitting over three hundred
    With many ribbies

    No other team can
    Match our lineup and pitching
    Or our manager!!

    Lou’s the only thing
    That we can’t afford to lose,
    His genius is clear.

    My broom is ready,
    Sad to see the Pirates go,
    No more easy wins.

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