Game 134 – Phillies 4 Cubs 6

Cubs come from behind

Ramirez grand slam home run

Preview of playoffs?




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2 responses to “Game 134 – Phillies 4 Cubs 6

  1. You just knew Hamels’
    Leaving the game for relief
    Would ignite the Cubs

    Thank you Manuel
    Your bullpen isn’t that bad
    Cub hitters better

    Ramirez was strong
    And the team worked the counts well
    Happy birthday, Lou

  2. Michael Rosenblum

    A-Ram, Mr. Clutch
    Delivers again, Grand Slam!!
    Wrigley rocks all night.

    So I switched channels,
    To hear Obama’s great speech,
    America’s promise.

    Baseball comes and goes,
    Both Obama and the Cubs,
    May change our future.

    Happy Birthday, Lou.
    You have given us great joy.
    Now we are winners.

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