Game 140 – Astros 4 Cubs 0

I had a meeting

Thank goodness I missed the game

Way too depressing




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3 responses to “Game 140 – Astros 4 Cubs 0

  1. Steve

    These are the bad times.
    Five losses, Big Z hurting,
    Should I now panic?

  2. Michael Rosenblum

    Way too familiar
    Been through this in ’69
    Need a new outcome

    My birthday party
    In Cincinatti with Cubs
    Bringing home winners

    I’ll celebrate when
    We end this streak with a win
    And do it again

    Naysayers be gone
    Our Cubs will finally prevail
    All’s right in the world.

  3. Mr. Rosenblum
    I was going to be there
    This weekend myself

    Sold the tickets though
    NFL Opening Day
    Have a great birthday

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