Game 144 – Cubs 3 Cardinals 4

Day off didn’t help

Cubs blow yet another lead.

But Reds beat Brew Crew




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3 responses to “Game 144 – Cubs 3 Cardinals 4

  1. Matt

    Panic creeping in,
    Pavlovian reaction
    To signs of collapse.

    Bells make a dog drool,
    Losses make Cubs fans panic,
    We will be all right.

    You just never know,
    When a team will turn around,
    And start winning games.

  2. Sweet Lou rages on
    The Cubbies have let us down
    Lou shall spare no blood

    We will keep the faith
    Even the Dodgers can win
    Eight games in a row

  3. Michael Rosenblum

    Dodgers Ramirez
    A great September hitter,
    Our Ramirez sucks.

    We may lose some now,
    But if we come back strong late,
    We will be ready.

    Lose the panicked look,
    Take time to breathe and notice
    Were still in first place.

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