Game 147 – Cubs 5 Astros 0


We were there, live, in person

To see hist’ry made


Magic Number = 7



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3 responses to “Game 147 – Cubs 5 Astros 0

  1. What a wasted day
    Or that’s what I had once thought
    Remnants of Ike bite

    Satellite winded
    Went to the bar, saw Bears lose
    Home to a dark house

    Power out for days
    At least that’s what they tell us
    Job not flexible

    In at the office
    With bad attitude in hand
    Thought about quitting

    Dark home, bad job. Ugh!
    Bears blew it late in the game
    Today will be bad

    Turned on the PC
    Surfing my daily routine
    “How did the Cubs do?”

    Wait a sec. Whats THIS?!
    Zambrano throws a no-no?!
    Are you serious?!?!

    The day gets better
    The job still sucks. No power.
    But the Cubbies ROLL!

  2. Michael Rosenblum

    Carlos in command
    From the first pitch to the last,
    Writing Cubs hist’ry

    I could’ve been there,
    Ed kindly invited me,
    Why did I decline??

    Magic number drops,
    Could be all done by weekend,
    Celebrate quickly,

    Then on to the task,
    A Cubs World Series winner,
    One game at a time.

    When that day does come,
    I will know there is a God,
    Who’s answered our prayers.

  3. Steve

    Stupid hurricane
    Still blowing in Columbus
    Knocked out all power.

    Twenty four hours
    And a rotten fridge later
    I could not watch it

    My dad called after six,
    “Why was Z still in?” he asked.
    Did not know linescore…

    Called back after 8.
    I went to my car to hear
    Pat and Ron’s broadcast.

    With crystal clear sound,
    Somehow I got WGN
    Six hours away.

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