Game 151 – Brewers 6 Cubs 7

Rookie of the year

Soto ties it in the ninth

Cubs win it in twelve


Magic Number = 2



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3 responses to “Game 151 – Brewers 6 Cubs 7

  1. Edmonds, Soto, Lee
    Knock the Brewers from their tree
    Friday: Champagne spree?

  2. Steve

    No power since Sun.
    Watched the game in my office
    Left after 6-2….

    Got a text message
    I’m in complete disbelief.
    Cubs came back to win???!!!

  3. Michael Rosenblum

    Pick today’s Hero.
    Harden, Soto, Wood or Lee?
    Cub fans love them all!!

    Game for the Ages,
    Never say die Cubs prevail.
    Have you seen my heart?

    These boys show no quit.
    Won’t be satisfied
    Till we win it all!!

    Fly that flag proudly,
    Two more wins …..division champs,
    On to the playoffs.

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