Game 156 – Cubs 2 Mets 6

Marshall pitches well

Will be on playoff roster

Gaudin?  Not so sure.




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3 responses to “Game 156 – Cubs 2 Mets 6

  1. Come on Cubbie bums
    Take two at Shea Stadium
    Come back ‘home’ to rest

  2. Ed

    We’ll handle the Mets
    You need to sweep the Pirates
    Then you’ll have a chance

    But the Cubs will not
    “Rest” on their laurels my friend
    Crew must earn their spot

  3. The Brew Crew Haiku
    To these Cubbie shores they woo
    You look out for you

    Cubs Brethren I call
    Long-time, bandwagoners; all
    Ours: The Beast of Fall

    We have a great team
    The engine our boys shall gleam
    Postseason machine

    Finish strong and proud
    So the world will hear our crowd
    “Champions!” aloud

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