Game 157 – Cubs 9 Mets 6

This game doesn’t count?

The Cubs aren’t playing that way

Mets fans look so sad

Howry gets the win

Lee and A-Ram deliver

Wood’s thirty-fourth save!




Filed under Aramis Ramirez, Bob Howry, Derrek Lee, Kerry Wood, Mets, Road, Wins

2 responses to “Game 157 – Cubs 9 Mets 6

  1. Hawk044

    That’s win ninety-six
    It was even sweeter to
    Stick it to the Mets

    Mets fans passionate?
    Well then how do you explain
    Leaving a tie game?

    Z will be okay
    I really wish it could be
    Bill Murray all game

  2. Comeback, late rally
    Say this about the Cubbies:
    Unbiased heartbreakers

    Brewers notch two hits
    Give up ninth-inning HR
    Easiest win in month

    D-Lee drives in three
    Harden shuts ’em out through five
    Mets rained out of lead

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