Inauguration Day

Today’s the big day

Barack Hussein Obama

Our new President

He’s from Chicago

But a fan of the White Sox

‘Cause he’s from Hyde Park

Which pol’s a Cubs fan?

(Soon to be former) Gov’ner

Rod Blagojevich

Blago is the curse!

First we impeach him, and then

Cubs make the Series.



Filed under Barack Obama, Rod Blagojevich, White Sox

2 responses to “Inauguration Day

  1. Steve

    Former President
    Traded Sosa to the Cubs
    …Not his worst mistake.

  2. Ed

    I know that Dubya
    Said he regretted trading
    Sosa to the Cubs

    In reality
    Sosa was traded to the
    Chicago White Sox

    Just another case
    Of Bush’s well known problem
    Handling the truth

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