Game 3 – Cubs 11 Astros 6

Big night for Kosuke

Four-for-five with a home run

Is he back for good?

cubs-w-flag [2-1]



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4 responses to “Game 3 – Cubs 11 Astros 6

  1. Leanne P.

    Love your work! As a fiction writer and a Cub fan, this is perfect for me.
    Keep it up!

  2. jac holtzman

    Normally Haiku – Includes Subject Matter on – Nature and Stuff, Right?


    • Ed

      What’s “normal” haiku?
      Traditionally, nature
      But there are few rules

      I count syllables
      First five, then seven, then five
      The “style” of haiku

      But of course, I’ve seen
      Other than five-seven-five
      Folks are creative

      Concerning nature
      The Cubs play at Wrigley Field
      That’s all natural

  3. Steve

    New publicity
    Draws attention to this blog
    Ed gets accolades

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