Podcast – R.I.P.

Recording podcasts

Takes way too much of my time

I’d rather twitter

Podcast Eleven

The final haiku podcast

Was posted Sunday

The blog continues

With haiku after each game

And tweets during most



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6 responses to “Podcast – R.I.P.

  1. Steve

    The net lost a star
    No haikus on Len and Bob’s
    I will miss the ‘cast.

    • Ed

      I still hold out hope
      That Len and Bob will notice
      Some of my haiku

      The guys at Cubscast
      Feature one from time to time
      And Len is their pal

  2. flubs

    Chicago NL
    team: Completely Useless By
    September … again!

    • Ed

      Quite a lame haiku
      Each line should be complete thought
      Avoid split phrases

      Plus, it’s not correct.
      Last year the Cubs weren’t useless
      Until October

      • flubs

        Complete thought not rule
        Your second line is too long
        Edit, don’t complain

      • Ed

        There are few rules, Flubs
        But your haiku was still lame
        Just my opinion

        You are in Chi-town
        Where “weren’t” has one syllable
        Or don’t you talk “right”?

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