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Game 15 – Cubs 3 Cardinals 4

One inning offense

Cubs tie it in the seventh

Lose it in the eighth

l_flag [8-7]


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Game 14 – Reds 7 Cubs 1

Where is the offense?

Cubs have scored only one run

In twenty innings

l_flag [8-6]


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“Talk Like Shakespeare Day”

Out, out you damned Cotts!

Wherefore art thou, Cubs offense?

That is the question

[Talk Like Shakespeare]

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Game 13 – Reds 3 Cubs 0

No offense tonight

First shut out of the season

Unlucky thirteen

l_flag [8-5]

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Game 12 – Reds 2 Cubs 7

Now that’s more like it

Cubs win without much drama

Harden gets the win

cubs-w-flag [8-4]

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Rain … Guest Haiku

This is a blessing

We have been spared the brilliance

Of  Joe Morgan’s wit

[Thanks to @mr_fastbucks via Twitter]

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Rain …

Cubs-Cards game postponed

Lousy Chicago weather

No game ’til Tuesday

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