Manny Ramirez Suspended

Cubs fans want to know

Can we replay October

Since Manny cheated?



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3 responses to “Manny Ramirez Suspended

  1. Sad day for Baseball as a whole and especially Dodger fans. If you’re a Giants fan or an NL West rival you’re stoked.

    Manny Ramirez stock has already plummeted nearly 30% today.

    Scott Boras’ headache must be epic right now…

  2. michael rosenblum

    Manny’s October
    Didn’t hurt as much as our
    Putrid offense did.

    Fans need to place blame
    Where it really does belong
    On the Cub players.

    I love my Cubbies
    More than most can imagine
    I won’t blame Manny

    Our players failure
    To produce when needed most
    Look in the mirror!

    • Ed

      Man, oh, man, Michael
      Now you really brought me down
      I knew ’twas our fault

      But Manny’s story
      Chance to rewrite history
      Couldn’t let it pass

      “Fact” of the matter
      All that hair ‘neath his ‘do rag
      Distracted our Cubs

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