Email From Iraq

Allow me to share

An email received today

At Cubs In Haiku …


It is [R], [your daughter’s] … friend from [college] … I am currently living on Camp Liberty outside of Baghdad, where I am doing survey research efforts and analysis of Iraqi public opinion for the U.S. military. Last night, I was at the dining facility for dinner and on one of the TVs, the Armed Forces Network was showing a Cubs game. So of course, I started thinking of trying to put it in haiku.

I didn’t get to catch much of the game (we left when it was still in the first inning 0-0). I told [your daughter] the story and she came up with [a] haiku … I thought  I’d share that with you. I really do like the Cubs (even though I’m not from Chicago, but I love the city), and I appreciate the serenity that you get from a day at  Wrigley Field. So it was nice to be able to catch just a few pitches even all the way in Baghdad.

There is nothing more

American than watching

The Cubs from Baghdad


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