Game 45 – Pirates 2 Cubs 5

Second straight Cubs win

This one a direct result

Of sending Cotts down

After Reed’s home run

Blanco and Fox provide bats

For some insurance

In a one run game

That ninth inning might not have

Turned out quite the same

cubs-w-flag [23-22]



Filed under Andres Blanco, Home, Jake Fox, Neal Cotts, Pirates, Reed Johnson, Wins

3 responses to “Game 45 – Pirates 2 Cubs 5

  1. Mike B

    It’s good to see life
    From what seemed the walking dead.
    Even if umps hate us.

  2. Corey H

    Ump bumps Zambrano.
    Z tosses Carlson. Too
    Bad it did not work.

  3. michael rosenblum

    Watch Big Z explode
    Close play goes against Cubbies
    Does League suspend Z?

    Emotion is great
    If used to motivate team
    Not harm team’s chances.

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