Dear Milton Bradley

[My notes to Milton Bradley, posted via Twitter during Tuesday night’s game]

First inning - strikes out looking ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

The only way you’ll get hits

Is to swing the bat

Second inning - inning ending double play ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Did I forget to mention

Avoid double plays?

Fourth inning, pop foul to end the inning ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Foul pop ups don’t help either

With two men on base

Sixth inning - strikes out swinging, breaks bat ...  

Dear Milton Bradley:

Nice strike out for your fourth out

And yes – we’re mad, too

Three batters later, Andres Blanco hits 2-run double ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

See what Andres Blanco did?

You should do that, too!

Eighth inning, foul pop out just before Fontenot doubles ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

You could also take lessons

From Mike Fontenot

Ninth inning, strikes out swinging with the bases loaded ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Nice job with the bat tonight

Ten men left on base


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