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Game 63 – Indians 7 Cubs 8

Cubs come back again

Second straight game that calls for

multiple haiku

Behind seven zip

It looked hopeless once again

But the Cubs fought back

Two solo home runs

Fifth frame Reed, Lee in the sixth

Then came inning eight

Four hits,  a walk and

A Cleveland error later

Cubs score four – down one

Ninth inning home run

Lee’s second of today’s game

Sends it to extras

Tenth inning, two outs

Fonzie singles, steals and scores

On Ryan’s single

The Cardiac Cubs

Have returned to Wrigley Field

And it feels so good

cubs-w-flag [32-31]


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Game 62 – White Sox 5 Cubs 6

Because I was there

I think today’s game deserves

Several haiku

Not much excitement

‘Til the bottom of the eighth

Two on and two out

Then, back-to-back jacks

First Derrek Lee’s three run shot

Next, Geo Soto

Suddenly, we’re tied

And the White Sox fans are shocked

Thought they had it won

Bottom of the ninth

Reed singles, moves to second

Still there with two outs

Then, Soriano

Bloops a single to right, and

Wrigley is rockin’

cubs-w-flag [31-31]

[thanks to Michael in Wheeling for the great last line]

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Game 60 – Twins 2 Cubs 3

Another close one

But the Cubs come out on top

Win it in the ninth

Three straight one base hits

From Lee, Soto, Theriot

Gets winning run home

cubs-w-flag [30-30]

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Game 157 – Cubs 9 Mets 6

This game doesn’t count?

The Cubs aren’t playing that way

Mets fans look so sad

Howry gets the win

Lee and A-Ram deliver

Wood’s thirty-fourth save!



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Game 93 – Giants 1 Cubs 3

A pitcher’s duel

Then they walk Derrek, and next …

Ramirez – HOME RUN!


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Game 81 – Cubs 5 White Sox 6

Helluva a ball game

But the Cubs had no home runs

While the Sox hit three

——— or ———

Lee goes five-for-five

But it’s not enough against

Three White Sox homers

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Game 74 – White Sox 3 Cubs 4

Three Cubby homers

Lee, Ramirez, Ramirez

It’s good to be home

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