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Free Agents

Dempster, Wood, Edmonds

Now they are all free agents

Will Hendry sign them?


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Game 119 – Cubs 10 Braves 2

A day for Ernie

His mantra is “Let’s play two”

Cubs romp in game one

Plenty of offense

Edmonds and Soto home runs

Four Cubbie doubles


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Game 116 – Cardinals 2 Cubs 3

Edmonds curtain call

Two homers versus the Cards

Is he a Cub now?


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Game 109 – Cubs 11 Brewers 4

Oh, how “sweep” it is

Edmonds grand slam clinches it

Harden gets the win


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Game 75 – White Sox 7 Cubs 11

A team record tied

Four homers in one inning

Two by Jim Edmonds

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Game 67 – Braves 2 Cubs 3

Eleventh inning

Bases loaded – Johnson up

Hit By Pitch! CUBS WIN!


And let’s not forget

Edmonds homer tied it up

Bottom of the ninth

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Game 55 – The Homer

Here comes DeRosa

With Edmonds still on second



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