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Game 58 – Twins 7 Cubs 4

Dear Milton Bradley:

Just in case you didn’t know

Three outs per inning

Not your fault Cubs lost

But that defensive “error”?


And let’s not forget

Base running gaffe in the sixth

Ball lost in the sun

l_flag [29-29]


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One More For Bradley

Dear Milton Bradley:

On the bright side, no one thinks

You’re a DH now.

[Thanks to “AndCounting” via the Cubscast Message Board]

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Dear Milton Bradley

[My notes to Milton Bradley, posted via Twitter during Tuesday night’s game]

First inning - strikes out looking ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

The only way you’ll get hits

Is to swing the bat

Second inning - inning ending double play ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Did I forget to mention

Avoid double plays?

Fourth inning, pop foul to end the inning ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Foul pop ups don’t help either

With two men on base

Sixth inning - strikes out swinging, breaks bat ...  

Dear Milton Bradley:

Nice strike out for your fourth out

And yes – we’re mad, too

Three batters later, Andres Blanco hits 2-run double ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

See what Andres Blanco did?

You should do that, too!

Eighth inning, foul pop out just before Fontenot doubles ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

You could also take lessons

From Mike Fontenot

Ninth inning, strikes out swinging with the bases loaded ... 

Dear Milton Bradley:

Nice job with the bat tonight

Ten men left on base

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Game 55 – Cubs 7 Astros 1

Fontenot’s birthday

He goes 4-for-5 tonight

Includes  a home run

Lilly shines again

Gives up just 3 hits, no runs

And hits a triple

Only Cubs starter

Who did not reach base tonight

Was Milton Bradley

cubs-w-flag [29-26]

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Game 48 – Dodgers 0 Cubs 7

Great start by Dempster

Bradley, Johnson, Fontenot

Brought their bats today

Have you noticed that

Since Cotts left for Iowa

Cubs are three-and-one

cubs-w-flag [25-23]

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Game 19 – Cubs 11 Diamondbacks 3

Is Cubs offense back?

Every starter gets a hit

Team total – 15

Zambrano’s big night

Three-for-four, 2 RBIs

Including home run

Bradley get two hits

Triples his season output

Average breaks hundred

cubs-w-flag [10-9]

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Game 9 – Cardinals 7 Cubs 4

The biggest bright spot

Fukudome’s three run blast

Bradley ejected

l_flag [5-4]

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