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Game 48 – Dodgers 0 Cubs 7

Great start by Dempster

Bradley, Johnson, Fontenot

Brought their bats today

Have you noticed that

Since Cotts left for Iowa

Cubs are three-and-one

cubs-w-flag [25-23]


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Game 45 – Pirates 2 Cubs 5

Second straight Cubs win

This one a direct result

Of sending Cotts down

After Reed’s home run

Blanco and Fox provide bats

For some insurance

In a one run game

That ninth inning might not have

Turned out quite the same

cubs-w-flag [23-22]


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Roster Moves – Cotts Down, Fox Up

Cubs fans are happy

Cotts is where he belongs now

Likewise for Jake Fox

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Game 44 – Pirates 1 Cubs 6

Cubs losing streak ends

Because rain ended the game

Before Cotts could pitch

— or —

Cubs losing streak ends

Offense provides the diff’rence

Six runs in five frames

cubs-w-flag [22-22]

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Game 43 – Pirates 10 Cubs 8

The Cubs score 8 runs

Still lose their 8th in a row

Thanks to Mr. Cotts

l_flag [21-22]

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Game 17 – Cubs 10 Cardinals 3

Cubs get some offense

Survive appearance by Cotts

Avoid sweep v. Cards

Kosuke celebrates

3-for-4 with a home run

Helluva birthday

cubs-w-flag [9-8]

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“Talk Like Shakespeare Day”

Out, out you damned Cotts!

Wherefore art thou, Cubs offense?

That is the question

[Talk Like Shakespeare]

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