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Game 55 – Cubs 7 Astros 1

Fontenot’s birthday

He goes 4-for-5 tonight

Includes  a home run

Lilly shines again

Gives up just 3 hits, no runs

And hits a triple

Only Cubs starter

Who did not reach base tonight

Was Milton Bradley

cubs-w-flag [29-26]


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Game 23 – Marlins 1 Cubs 6

Lilly strikes out ten

Hits 2-RBI double

Gives up zero walks

Heilman pitches ninth

Strikes out three Fish to end it

Cubs fan start singing

cubs-w-flag [12-11]

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Game 7 – Rockies 0 Cubs 4

The weather was cold

But Lilly’s pitching was hot

Just one Rockies hit

Kevin Gregg?  Three K’s

Did he just need to get home

To prove he can close?

When it was all done

Forty thousand Cubs fans were

Singing in the rain

cubs-w-flag [5-2]

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Game 148 – Cubs 6 Astros 1

Astros can’t blame Ike

It’s just awesome Cubs pitching

Two days in a row

Lilly in command

Pitches no hitter through six

One hit in seventh

Bullpen finishes

Samardzija, Marmol, Howry

Two more no hit frames


Magic Number = 6

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Game 126 – Reds 2 Cubs 1

Tough loss for Lilly

No hitter into the sixth

Cubs score just one run



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Game 83 – Cubs 9 Giants 2

DeRosa’s grand slam

Plus great pitching by Lilly

Equals a Cubs win

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Game 78 – Orioles 4 Cubs 7

Marmol’s tough again

Ted Lilly goes two-for-four

Wood strikes out the side

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