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Moving Day

Big news …

The Cubs In Haiku
Is moving (and expanding)
For more haiku fun

The Cubs In Haiku is now part of  Chicago Sports In Haiku.

This new concept in sports haiku blogs will feature several bloggers,  each following one of Chicago’s major sports teams.  We believe we are the only blog covering all major Chicago sports in haiku.

You can find us on Chicago Now or by pointing your browser to

None of the Cubs content will change, but you’ll find haiku about the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and even … <shudder> … the White Sox.

If that scares you, the old URL ( will soon bring you to the “Cubs” category on the new blog (instead of to this page) so you can endulge your inner Cubbiness without distraction.

But I believe you’ll find all of our new haiku bloggers fun to read and hope you’ll make Chicago Sports In Haiku a regular stop in your daily web browsing.  As always, don’t be afraid to click on the “Comment” link.

Thanks to everyone who visited or participated here, and helped this idea to become so popular over the past year.




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Giving Thanks

Don’t do this enough

But thanks to everyone who

Replies to haiku

All of your feedback

In haiku or just in prose

Make this much more fun

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Game 147 – Cubs 5 Astros 0


We were there, live, in person

To see hist’ry made


Magic Number = 7


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In California

We’re on vacation

So new posts may be delayed

For most of this week

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HOF Game Canceled Due To Thunderstorms

Some Cubbies were tired

Wanted their day off today

G-d took care of it

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Something New

Now for every game

Click on W or L

To see the box score

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Remember The Comments!

Do you read comments?

You should – just click on the links

Clever readers here.


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