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A-Ram Wins Aaron Award

Conrats to A-Ram

NL’s top offensive star

Selected by fans

[Cubs website]

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The latest rumor:

How would Manny Ramirez

Look in Cubbie Blue?

[Chicago Tribune]


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Free Agents

Dempster, Wood, Edmonds

Now they are all free agents

Will Hendry sign them?

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Podcast Episode 10

This week’s podcast features music from  “Summer of Our Lives”, “100 Years”, “I’m A Chicago Cubs Fan” and “I Bleed Cubbie Blue” off the album “I Bleed Cubbie Blue” by Kevin Henrickson, available on his website.

This will be the final podcast until next spring, but I’ll still post new haiku to recall highlights of the 2008 season and as inspired by Cubs news during the off-season.  Please continue to add your great comments about favorite moments from this Division Championship year, what changes you’re looking for before next season, or to vent about the disappointing post-season.

It’s less than 135 days until the start of spring training, so get ready to be hopeful once again.


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The Morning After

No October wins

But it was a great summer

Let’s not forget it

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NLDS Game 3 – Cubs 1 Dodgers 3

Wasn’t this the year

We weren’t gonna have to say

Wait until next year?



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We’re All Masochists Now

Still a Cubbie Fan?

Cubscast has the shirt for you

Be proud, masochists

Click on the picture

To go to the Cubscast store

And get yours right now!

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