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Podcast Episode 5

This week’s “historic” podcast includes references to both 1945 (by me) and Barack Obama (by Michael Rosenblum).

The opening and closing music is from “Inside Joke” by Little Thom provided by the Podsafe Music Network.  Additional music is from “Winning Is More Than Not Losing” and “It’s Gonna Happen” both from the album “I Bleed Cubbie Blue” by Kevin Henrickson, available on his website.

Also, although it’s not mentioned in the podcast, you should check out Cubscast, “The World’s First (and Best) Chicago Cubs Podcast.”   Three times a week die-hard fans Lou, Sheps, and Sneetch provide the fan’s perspective on Cubbie baseball.  On their website you’ll find links to subscribe, along with a great message board and a store with unique Cubs-themed t-shirts.  Seriously … give it a listen.


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Game 137 – Phillies 5 Cubs 3

August ends with loss

Cubs were not patient at plate

Too many strike outs


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Game 136 – Phillies 5 Cubs 2

Cubs can’t win them all

But they’re twenty and seven

So far in August


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Game 135 – Phillies 2 Cubs 3

Cubs come back – AGAIN!

That’s seven wins in a row

Finding ways to win


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Game 134 – Phillies 4 Cubs 6

Cubs come from behind

Ramirez grand slam home run

Preview of playoffs?



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Game 133 – Cubs 2 Pirates 0


Last Cubs team thirty three games

Over five hundred



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Game 132 – Cubs 14 Pirates 9

Seven RBIs

Soto shows why he should be

Rookie of the Year



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